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Benefits of Efficacy Leaf Kecibeling For Body Health

This plant is often called Strobilanthes crispus, including the family of the Acanthaceae plant known as the area of ​​the leaves of picah beling, enyohkelo, ngokilo, while the common name is called Fenugreek.
This plant is very rich in various kinds of chemical contents in it such as potassium with high levels of silicic acid, sodium, calcium and several other compounds that are beneficial for our body's health for traditional traditional medicine. These plants are laxative urine and laxatives.

Curable Disease and How to Use it are as follows:

Gall Bladder Stones
Leaves [Kecibeling] 5 pieces fresh, 7 pieces of fresh purple leaves, washed and then boiled with 3 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups. Drink like drinking plain water.

Take 1/2 handful of fresh [Kecibeling] leaves, wash them clean then boil in 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. After chilling filtered kemidian drink water.

Fresh leaves [Kecibeling] 20 - 50 grams, boiled with 6 cups of water until the remaining 3 cups, after chilling filtered water then drink.

Maybe that's about the Benefits of Efficacy Leaf Kecibeling For Body Health of the body that I can tell as a natural traditional medicine that is very useful for our health to prevent disease as well as treat it. Keep your health and happy trying it easy - easy to benefit all.

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